New Site - Hello Hyde!

I’ve switched to a new method of creating this site, now I’m using Hyde

##Before## I used to write all my site content in a giant PHP file with if statements for which page to show.

I admit, it was ugly.

First off, everything was in one file and was a mess. The real reason for using PHP was so I wouldn’t have to replicate all the boilerplate HTML on every page. I didn’t like the fact that I was using PHP just to switch pages, but hey it worked.


I didn’t want to go with a full blown blogging/cms framework like Drupal or Wordpress. I just wanted a dead simple way of showing people what cool projects I was working on.

I used to blog, 6 years ago. But I don’t want to blog. A blogger should produce quality content regularly. I want to build things and create cool things. Blogging just uses up my time.

But, I still sometimes Have something to say in a blog like format. And this is what you are looking at. The site has a static focus. Things don’t update all the time, but content does change. That’s one of the reasons this section is ‘Articles’ and not ‘Blog’.

##Make a wish## There had to be a better way than an ugly PHP file. So I did what most people do when they wish a piece of software, I googled it.

And magically someone had built it. It was called Jekyl.

Jekyl is awesome. But it’s written in Ruby. And I like python so I made a wish to google again and found my answer…

##Enter Hyde## And that answer was Hyde. It was essentially Jekyl but in Python! Perfect name.

So instead of trying to rehash why Hyde is awesome I’ll point you to Steve Losh’s post.