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Encrypted Gmail Backup

Backup your GMail account with GPG encryption

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Place your config in in ~/.encrypted_gmail_backup

Sample Config:

username = [email protected]
password = changeme

keyid = 76AA7B2CF3FD360E
binary = gpg

path = /backup/gmail/
metafile = gmailmeta.txt
archive = messages.tar

username = NONE
password = NONE
server   =
folder   = [Gmail]/All Mail

# The recipient to encrypt to.
keyid    = 76AA7B2CF3FD360E
binary   = gpg
home     = ~/.gnupg
encoding = utf-8

# Target directory for the backup. Must exist and end in a trailing slash.
path = /tmp/

# Name of the target archive.
# Appended to the backup path.
archive = messages.tar

# Stores the ID of the last fetched message.
metafile = gmailmeta.txt

# If your backup directory is on mounted device,
# the script can check if the target directory exists first and fail gracefully.
onexternal = no

# Ensure only one instance of the script per username.
use_pid    = yes
pid_prefix = /tmp/encrypted_gmail_backup

Be sure to chmod 600 ~/.encrypted_gmail_backup so that other users can't read your password.

I have MacGPG installed on my system, so I changed binary to:

binary = /usr/local/MacGPG2/bin/gpg2

Then run gmail-backup and it will start to fetch your mail!

Based on Andrew Jennings' gmail-backup